Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recovery of Subscription - Letter From CS to DDOs

K.Siva Shankar
Circle President &
Western Region ,
Coimbatore -641002
Circle Secretary &
ASP, Tiruvallur Sub Division
Tiruvallur 602001.
Circle Treasurer &
ASP, Chennai Sorting APB
@ Parcel Hub Chennai
Chennai 600032.

All DDOs
in Tamilnadu Circle,

AIA IP&ASP/Misc/dlgs dated at Chennai 600 018                  the 29.08.2016

Sub: Recovery of Subscription from Members of this Association – at Revised Rates – Ammendment to Constitution – Remittance to the new office bearers- reg.
Ref : Fresh
            The 42nd Circle conference of our All India Association of                        IPs/ ASPs, Tamilnadu Circle Branch was held at Meenakshi Narayana Tirumana Mahal, No. 3 , Appavu Nagar , Dharmapuri 636701 on 12th & 13th of August 2016. And Shri. K Siva Shankar, ASP, Chennai Sorting APB @ Parcel Hub Chennai, Guindy Industrial Estate PO , Chennai 600 032 was elected as Circle Treasurer . Hence it is requested that, all DDOs may remit the Subscription recovered from the Members of this Association to the newly elected Circle Treasurer with immediate effect.

Name and address of the New Treasurer:

K Siva Shankar
Circle Treasurer
& ASP, Parcel Hub
Chennai 600 032.

Further the rate of Monthly Subscription was also revised from Rs.50 to Rs.70 vide decision taken at 39th Biennial Conference held at Jaipur held on 13th and 14th Feb 2016 . The same was also communicated vide Directorate Letter No. 15/03/2016-SR dated 22nd March 2016 and CO letter No.SR/1-15/2013 Amendment dated 30.03.2016. But till date Subscription is being recovered at Rs.50 only by many DDOs in Tamilnadu Circle. Hence all DDOs are requested to recover the Subscription at the revised rate of Rs.70 from the members of this Association.

Yours faithfully,

/G. Babu/

                                                                                                 Circle Secretary

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