Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Dear Brother’s/ Sisters

          Well done on successful Biennial conference @ Dharmapuri.  This conference has paved a way for our innovative ideas and activities……. It’s great that our 60% of strength gathered in one place after a long time…….this is the spirit admired by all…… yes even by AIGS has admired on our coordination .  Right we need much more and much more our committed force…….nothing is impossible if we desire.
        I need all to hold my hand to execute my team effectively for the betterment of our cadre and our each and every brothers and sisters…  we need participation from each and every one and our collective efforts will always give fruitful results.  We are about 300+ members and one innovative idea from each will make us top, forget about old and traditional…. We must be a role model to other circle by the way of unity/work participation/involvement and relationship….. etc. to hold on my hand for better and bright ….. today on the eve of independence we will take an oath to dedicate yourself for the betterment of our cadre…. And strengthen our team by holding hand of each and every one.
             With best wishes for great days to come……



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