Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bi monthly meeting with PMG, CCR - Subjects

M.Newtonbalakrishnan                          S.ARULDOSS                            P.V.SEKAR
Circle President &                            Circle Secretary &                 Circle Treasurer &
ASP, Tiruchendur Sub Division,   ASP(HQrs), Pattukottai Division,     ASP, Cuddalore Division,
TIRUCHENDUR- 628215                PATTUKOTTAI-614 601                 CUDDALORE 607001

AIA IP&ASP/Bi-monthly/Dlgs dated at Pattukottai-614 601 the 21.08.2015

Respected Sir,               

            Sub:-Bi-monthly meeting of Recognized Service Associations with the
                   PMG., CCR., CHENNAI-600 002 to be held during August-2015– reg.

          Ref :- PMG’s letter No. SR/1-16/CCR/2014 dated  13.08.2015.
   The following are the subjects to be discussed in the proposed Bi-monthly meeting to be held during August-2015.

New Subjects: -
 Pro1. Request for supply of All- in- one  printer to Sub-Divisions.    
Brief: Sub-Divisional Heads are often depending on the local market for scanning the documents to send through e-mail and to make photo copy of various documents for official purpose. If there is printer with the  provision of Scanner and Photocopier to Sub-Divisions, it will be much easier for the Sub-Divisional Heads. .Moreover it will also facilitate to take wireless printout through their Smart phone or Tablet.
Therefore, it is requested for supply of All-in-one printer to  Sub-Divisions as there is a functional necessity.
2. Request for enhancement   Road mileage  for IPs/ASPs
Brief:  In the present working condition all our IPs/ASPOs particularly  the Sub Divl heads, need to travel extensively  for their  Visits/Enquires/Verification/Marketing etc.  In the present Road/traffic condition, the public transport will not serve the purpose at all.  All our IPs/ASPOs need to travel through their bike all along to reach their spot in time .  At the average each and every  Sub Divisional heads are traveling more than 500 KM per month with all the Risk. Where as  the Road mileage is being given only for the maximum of 200 KM.   Hence it is requested to consider and give directions to the SPOs/SSPOs to grant Road mileage atleast  for 300 KM.

3.  Request for considering the Transfer requests of IPs/ASPs 

         The following members of our Association will attend the proposed Bi-monthly meeting to be held during August-2015. It is kindly requested to make necessary relief arrangements to them. 
1.     Shri. G.BABU, Assistant Circle Secretary & ASP., Avadi camp Sub Division, AVADI.
2.     Shri.K.SIVASHANKAR, , Assistant Circle Secretary & ASP., Chennai Sorting Division, Chennai-600 008.

                                                                                                                                Circle Secretary
The Postmaster General,                                                                                     
Chennai City Region-TN.,
CHENNAI-600 002.

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