Tuesday, September 13, 2011

IP ASP Promotional Prospects Committee

Postal Directorate has issued Office Order on the above subject vide No. 01/01/2011-SR dated 09.09.2011 which is reproduced below:-

Sub:- Secretary (P)'s meeting with All India Association &Asstt. Superintendent Posts on 11.08.2011- Para (ii)- Constitution of Committee to look into promotional prospects of IPOs/ASPOs-reg.

2.   This has reference to minutes of Secretary (P)'s meeting dated 11.08.2011 circulated vide communication of even number dated 25.08.2011 on the above subject.

3.   As per decision taken in regard to Para (ii) dealing with promotional prospects of IPOs/ASPOs, a Committee comprising the following is constituted to examine the issue and submit its report.

           OFFICIAL SIDE                                                            STAFF SIDE
Member (Personnel)- Chairperson                                    President, AIAIPASP
DDG (Personnel)                                                              General Secretary, AIAIPASP
DDG (Establishment)
Director (T&C)
                                                                                          (Subhash Chander)
                                                                                          Director (SR&Legal)

Source : IP ASP CHQ.


kanchi post said...

Subject heading ennavo rombaaaa interesting. But ulle matter onnum illai.
N Prakash, ASP Kanchipuram Division

ashraf said...

If the IP/ASP cadres are merged it would be better to have the nomenclature as “INSPECTOR”. Then, atleast, we would be able to join the mainstream of the inspectorial cadres of the other departments like Central Excise, Income Tax etc. As regards the gazette status, why can’t the ASPs who are already gazetted, be retained as an endangered species like the lion-tailed monkeys which are facing extinction. If the merger materializes, unless promotion to the SP cadre is granted within 15 years, the IPs would find themselves in pathetic situation for 25 or more years.----- ASHRAF

asp kalpetta said...

The subject heading shows that Tamil nadu circle is against merger of IP and ASP and their embarrassment is very much justified.

We at Kerala and Tamilnadu are getting ASP promotion within 3 to 4 years. So both circles should join hand to oppose the move of merger of IP and ASP. There is no reason for merger. Because when IPOs given pay parity with Inspectors of other departments the 5th pay commission and 6th pay commission did not find the ASP posts a barrier. Moreover a CAT case is pending at Ernakulam bench. I don't know why the case is delaying so badly. Just one more sitting is needed to complete the arguments but it is lagging since February this year. So I suggest that we should not submit a proposal for merger of IP and ASP and try to get a early verdict from the court.

In the cadre re-structuring committee we have so many aspects to place before them and some is furnished below :

1) all sub divisions should be upgraded to ASP
2) all ASP HQ post is to upgraded to the post of Office superintendent with GP 4800 (if the GP of ASP is upgraded to 4800 it should be GP 5400)

I don't know why the PS group-B association is keeping mum. whether they don't want any cadre re-structuring. It is the apt time for them to ask the department to include their matter also in the same committee for IPs/ASPs. They have to ask for merger of SP post with SSP posts. Then our way for getting GP 4800 to ASP and GP 5400 to new creation office supdt. will be cleared. Tamil nadu PS group B association should take initiative in this regard. Tamil nadu IP/ASP association should pursuade them to take such steps.

Comments from CS of Tamil nadu is expected in the above points please.

Riyaz, ASP, Kerala

All ASPs & IPs are requested to update Member Database in Right pane