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Circle Allotment for Surplus IP Candidates

Allotment of Surplus Qualified candidates of IP Examination 2008 held on 5 to 7th November 2008 in OC vacancies.
Sl.No    Name of the candidate  Roll No.     Category     Circle to which allotted
1          Arvind Kuksal        DL-40/IPO/2008                      Uttarakhand

2          Sanjay Kumar        DL-96/IPO/2008                      U.P

3         Arvind Kumar        DL-10/IPO/2008                     U.P

4         Krishan Kumar      HR-43/2008                            Rajasthan

5        Deepak Sah           DL-23/IPO/2008-P                  Bihar

6       Munish Miglani       HR-71/2008                            H.P

7       Ms.Manmeet Kaur DL-36/IPO/2008        SC         Rajasthan

8       P.Kannan               TN/064/IP/08                            M.P

9       M.Janagaraj           TN/111/IP/08                            Chhattisgarh

10     Sunil Kumar           HR-58/IPO/2008                       H.P

11      Ms.Ravita Kumari  PB-71/IPO/08                            Punjab

12       Ms.A.Abirami     TN/097/IP/08                             Tamil Nadu

13       Sushil Kumar      HR-66/2008                                Uttarakhand

14        P.Premanand     TN/051/IP/08                              Gujarat

15        Bal Kishan         DL-13/IPO/2008     SC               Uttarakhand

16        S.Srinivasan       TN/026/IP/08                              Gujarat

17        D.Ezhilkumaran TN/178/IP/08                              Gujarat

18        H.A.Giridhar     KN/IP-08/104                             Gujarat

19       J.Balaji              TN/174/IP/08                              Gujarat

20       Ms.A.M.Muthukumari   TN/003/IP/08                    Tamil Nadu

21       Ms.B.Menaka   TN/106/IP/08                              Tamil Nadu

22       Ms.P.I.E.Rajabai TN/120/IP/08                           Tamil Nadu

23       M.Neelakandan  TN/012/IP/08                             M.P

24   Ms.Smita Mahapatra  OR/IPO-15/2008                  Orissa

25       Ms.B.Gowri      TN/098/IP/08                           Tamil Nadu

26       Jai Singh           HR-80/2008                              Rajasthan

27 Ms.N.Jayalakshmi  TN/101/IP/08                           Tamil Nadu

28  Sriram Ch.Acharya OR/IPO-35/2008                  West Bengal

29       Rakesh Kumar               HR-08/2008            Uttarakhand

30       Rajesh Kumar               HR-56/2008            Uttarakhand

31        B.Karthikeyan           TN/050/IP/08             U.P

32       Satnam Dixit             PB-53/IPO/08             H.P

33      S.Bhagyaraj              K/IP-21/08                  Bihar

34      Ganeswar Sahoo     OR/IPO-27/2008        West Bengal

35      T.Durga Prasad       AP/082/2008              Rajasthan

36 Ms.Madhusmita Padhy OR/IPO-80/2008      Orissa

37       J.Rajkumar             TN/023/IP/08           M.P

38       Ms.Bindu.G.S     K/IP-85/08                 West Bengal

39      A.Sunil Kumar   AP/IP/054/2008             M.P

40      T.Selvam          TN/078/IP/08              Unwilling

41      R.P.Balaji       TN/115/IP/08                Rajasthan

42 Ms.K.Anuradha  AP/IP/073/2008          A.P

43 Gisrish Ch.Sahu   OR/IPO-60/2008       Chhattisgarh

44  Basant Kumar Talan  DL-37/IPO/2008   Rajasthan

45     S.Biju                 K/IP-15/08                U.P

46 Rajendranath Giri   OR/IPO-36/2008       West Bengal

47 Rattan Kumar.R     K/IP-98/08               Bihar

48 M.Perumbadayan  TN/119/IP/08           West Bengal

49 Minaketan Pradhan OR/IPO-38/2008   West Bengal

50  Ms.Bindu.B        K/IP-20/08    SC      Unwilling

51 A.Selvarajan     TN/129/IP/08  SC     No vacancy in the Circles opted for.

52 M.G.Ramachandraiah  KN/IP-08/239 Rajasthan

53 Ranjan Ku.Nayak  OR/IPO-46/2008  West Bengal

54 S.Manivel         TN/060/IP/08    SC    Rajasthan

55  P.Kaviarasan   TN/144/IP/08   SC     Rajasthan

56 A.Srinivasa Rao AP/IP/191/2008      Chhattisgarh

57  Ms.Kavitha.A   K/IP-17/08           West Bengal
58  Baiju Kumar.K  K/IP-86/08          West Bengal

59 A.K.Prasanth    K/IP-91/08          West Bengal
Dte Memo No : A-34013 / 01 / 2009 / DE (Part I) Dt. 25.06.10.
Our Assn congrats to all.


Anonymous said...

Very happy to see such an injustice order. How the existing / future vacancies are allotted to those non-meritorius lady candidates ? What is merit and non-merit ? What about the IP aspirants ? They loose their chances. What a great order violating all natural justices. Any way, God only should save this country.

Anonymous said...

with the order of result itself it is clearly mentioned that all sc surplus vacancies have to be filled up after the review in their circle, and it should be finished quickly. exam conducted on 2008 result published on 2009.allotment on 2010.but till now the sc surplus canditates have not received the allotment of circles. actually what is happening?

jayacharan said...

Dear anon-ymous(?!)...
what is the classification between merit and non merit friend? taking 300 plus mark in Delhi circle is non merit there and merit in Tamilnadu Circle... upto 274 is merit in Tamilnadu Circle and 253 in Orissa & Kerala circle and so on. there is no differentiation in conducting examination, question paper and date of examination in India, how can you classify merit and non merit in each circles even though ip seniority is fixed in all india basis? Alloting future vacancies is not new to our department irrespective of cadre.

for this allotment,the surplus qualified candidates are waiting for more than one and a half years , where have u gone till that prologed period ? you people are not at all bothering about the delay . This home circle allotment is a natural justice for prologed wait listed ip candidates and God is there to save all of us.
please come out and don't wear mask as anonymous on your face .

Anonymous said...

sir, already we have waited for morethan 9 months, but at present it said that sc/st surplus list will released after review, can i know the time limit for review even after nine months have been lapsed

why the association people's are not taking ncecessary steps

Anonymous said...

sir, already we have waited for morethan 9 months, but at present it said that sc/st surplus list will released after review, can i know the time limit for review even after nine months have been lapsed

why the association people's are not taking ncecessary steps

no said...

the lady has been allotted rajasthan she is sc but has fulfilled oc criteria still secured more marks than ladies and still not considered for home circle, and others ladies secured less marks but still got home circle

All ASPs & IPs are requested to update Member Database in Right pane