Tuesday, December 1, 2009

ASP movements in CCR

the follg postings ASP transfers & ASP Adhoc promotional postings in CCR.

01. Shri.V.P.Chandrasekar, IP PG, Tiruvannamalai to be PM, Park Town HO.
02. Shri.C.Rajasekar, IP Tech, RO, CCR to be ASP Tech, RO, CCR.
03. Shri.Subburaj, ASP HQ, Tiruvannamalai to be ASP OD, Ch City North Dn.
04. Shri.C.Palanisamy, ASP HQ, Ch City North Dn to be ASP HQ, Ch City Central Dn.
05. Smt.Kasthuri Rajkumar, ASP Ch City Central Dn to be ASP HQ, Vellore Dn.
06. Shri.Rajagopalan, PM, Tambaram HO to be PM, Mylapore HO.
07. Shri.Veerabadran, PM, Mylapore HO to be PM, Tambaram HO.

our assn congrats to all officers.

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