Wednesday, November 25, 2009

IP Grade Pay

Merger of IP / ASP cadre : GS e mail.

I have attached one file containing information on merits and demerits of merger of IP & ASP. Lease offer your comments. I request all Circle Secretaries to send their opinion.

1. All IPs will get GP of Rs 4600 w.e.f. 1.1.2006 and all will get arrears immediately.

2. As the IP and ASP cadre will be merged, the promotions already given from IP to ASP will be ignored for MACPS. The MACPS to IP cadre will be as follows:-
Promoted IPs* After 10 years of service in IP Cadre or 20 Years of total
GP Rs 4800 (2nd Promotion) After 20 Years of Service in IP Cadre or 30 years of total
GP Rs 5400 (3rd Promotion)
Direct IPs** After 10 years of service as IP
GP Rs 4800 (1st Promotion) After 20 years of service as IP
GP Rs 5400 (2nd Promotion) After 30 years of service as IP
GP Rs 6600 (3rd Promotion)
* It is presumed that no promotion will be given within 20 years of service in IP cadre.
**If we presume that direct IPs will get promotion to PSS Group B before completion of 30 years of service, they will be put into GP of Rs 4800 like BCR PA drawin g GP of Rs 4200 is promoted to LSG cadre having GP of Rs 2400/-
1. There will no promotion for atleast 25 years in IP cadre. But there will no loss to IPs who have not passed PSS Group ‘B’ examination as they will get GP of Rs 5400 when they complete 30 years of total service or 20 years in IP Cadre.

2. IPs/ASPs who have passed PSS Group ‘B’ examination will be affected as follows:-

If promoted through examination within 10 years of IP service GP Rs 4800 will be fixed with one increment
If promoted through examination after 10 years of IP service As GP Rs 4800 would have been given already under MACPS no pay fixation will be done.
If promoted through examination after 20 years of IP service He may be drawing GP of Rs 5400, but will be promoted to GP of Rs 5400. No benefit at all

In all the cases IP/ASP having 20 years of service in IP cadre will get GP of Rs 5400 i.e more than the PSS Group ‘B’

3. A big question will be for Gazetted status. IP may be placed as Group ‘B’ non gazetted.

My conclusion: - Already there is anomaly in giving promotion to BCR PA who is getting GP of Rs 4200 to LSG with GP of Rs 2400. Then why we should worry about for promotion to PSS Group B (GP of Rs 4800) after 25 years of service as we would get GP of Rs 5400 when we complete 20 years in IP cadre. We can opt for merger with the condition that the gazette status already given should not be withdrawn.



AIAIPASP said...

venkat, ip, ooty.
sir, in my purview merger is correct. i request that pl take necessary action immediately with GP for Rs.4800.

Anonymous said...

why this question? Is there any letter from the dept inviting suggestion for merger or it is that same old proposal of the dept. there are lot of things to do. eg our TA bill we are loosing 1000 per month (appx) due to the production of food bill (now we are getting 77 or 63 against Rs150/- per day) and thus loosing 1000 per month? first we should fight for these kind of matter with the dept/MOF. I am astonished to see how much comments on the merger issue in our CHQ blog. But nobody is care about the TA/DA. GS/CS Please take action on these

Anonymous said...

it is easy to ask GP 4800 or even 5400 but you have to justify. first go for merger of both cadre. After merger it will automatically bcome GP of Rs.4600/- for IP then we may ask for 4800 or even 5400 citing HSG-II scale (which should be lower than the ASP ( one has cited the same in CHQ blog)

All ASPs & IPs are requested to update Member Database in Right pane