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Minutes of the Four Monthly meeting held by the Chief PMG with AIAIPASP in the Conference Hall of the O/o the CPMGl on 23rd Nov’16

Department of Posts
O/o the Chief Postmaster General, T.N. Circle, Chennai 600 002

Minutes of the Four Monthly meeting held by the Chief PMG with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents of Posts in the Conference Hall of the O/o the Chief Postmaster General on 23rd Nov’16

The following were present:

Administration side
Union side
Dr. Charles Lobo, Chief PMG
G. Babu, Circle Secretary
V. Murugaiyan, GM (PA & F)
P. Sairam, Circle President
Sharda Sampath, PMG, WR

J.T. Venkateswarlu, PMG (M & BD)

A. Govindarajan, DPS (CCR)

A. Saravanan, DPS (HQ)

K. Somasundaram, DPS (M & BD)

The following items were discussed:

New Subjects:

Subject No. 1:

     As per Rule 75(1) under Note (2) (vi) of POSB Manual – Part I, a complete verification of all accounts standing open at one or two Single Handed Post Offices is prescribed, which has to be carried out by Sub Postmasters concerned.  The SPM is empowered to issue SB 46 notices and should take follow up action. However, in the event of outbreak of fraud, Sub Divisional heads are carrying out cent percent verification, which adversely affects his/her mandatory duties relating to inspections. In the era of CBS, it is suggested to make an inbuilt provision of sending intimation to customers through SMS about the balances in their accounts on a particular date, so that verification work shall be carried out swiftly and SMS will alert the customer to approach the authorities for redressing their grievances also. The additional work levied upon SDH shall also be ameliorated. 
     SMS alert is being provided to the customer for the transactions made in their SB Account if provided by the customer and updated in CIF.  Mobile number seeding should be encouraged and make 100 percent.
Subject No. 2:
     In the event of frauds, there is increasing tendency of fixing responsibilities on Sub Divisional Heads, in the name of contributory negligence. SDHs are carrying out cent percent verification at the cost of mandatory inspection works, verification works in addition to their administrative/quasi judicial duties. Sometimes practically they are unable concentrate on their own core works due to pressure on completion of Cent percent verification. An element of surprise is increasingly missing in the minds of operational staff as inspecting officers are penalized easily. It is therefore, requested that inspecting Officers particularly who are detecting frauds and taking up follow up actions should be not be penalized for contributory negligence unless otherwise direct involvement in frauds/embezzlement is established.
     The Association may give list of such cases.  It will be reviewed and action will be taken.
Subject No. 3:
     It is requested for review and creation of new Sub Divisions considering the present scenario and workload. (ex)  Manamadurai Sub Division, Melur Sub Division and Tambaram Sub Dn.
     PMG, CCR and Southern Region has been addressed on 10th Nov’16 to examine the above case and intimate whether there is any justification of workload for creation of new Sub Division for taking further action.

(P.V. Balachander)
Asst. Director (Admin/SR/WLF)
For Chief Postmaster General
T.N. Circle, Chennai 600 002

No.SR/2-3/11/16    dated at Chennai 600 002                 the         19th Dec’16

Copy to:
1.   Shri G. Babu, Circle Secretary, AIAIPASP & ASP. Tiruvallur Sub Division, Tiruvallur 602 001.
2.   Spare.

(P.V. Balachander)
Asst. Director (Admin/SR/WLF)
For Chief Postmaster General
T.N. Circle, Chennai 600 002

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