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Department of Posts
O/o the Chief Postmaster General, T.N. Circle, Chennai 600 002
Minutes of the Four Monthly meeting held by the Chief PMG with All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents of Posts in the Conference Hall of the O/o the Chief Postmaster General on 30th  Aug’16

The following were present:
Administration side
Union side
Dr. Charles Lobo, Chief PMG
G. Babu, Circle Secretary
V. Murugaiyan, GM (PA & F)
P. Sairam, Circle President
Sharda Sampath, PMG, WR

J.T. Venkateswarlu, PMG (M & BD)

A. Govindarajan, DPS (CCR)

A. Saravanan, DPS (HQ)

The following items were discussed:

New Subjects:

Subject No. 1:
     Request for issue of orders for conduct of bi-monthly meeting with PMG (MM) Region for AIAIPASP TN Circle branch:
     Members of our Association are in need of bi monthly meeting with PMG (MM) to ventilate their grievances and service matters. The Bi-monthly meeting for other Service Unions are being conducted by PMG (MM). We urge our Chief PMG sir, to do the needful for issue of suitable orders for conduct of bi-monthly meeting with PMG (MM) of our Association.


     PMG (MM) will hold bimonthly meeting with IP/ASPs in MM region in future.
Subject No. 2:

    Filling up of IP (PG) posts in Divisions:
     Many of the IP (PG) posts are lying vacant in the Circle. The complaints and grievances, at Divisional level are required to be attended on priority basis. In order to attend the grievances, filling up of the IP (PG) posts in Division is required. We request our Chief PMG sir, to do the needful for issue of suitable orders for filling up of all IP (PG) posts in the Circle.

    As per orders of the Chief PMG, it is informed that as there are no IPs, Divisions will be asked to make Officiating arrangement by calling for willingness from PAs/SAs. Divisional heads can take action as per rules.
 Subject No. 3:

     Request to consider re allotment/transfer requests of IPs/ASPs:
     The request for re allotment of IPs/ASPs to their home region/choice region may kindly be considered early. Likewise, Chief PMG sir, is requested to do the needful for favorable consideration of transfer & posting of IPs/ASPs to their places of choice at regional level also. 

      The requests for transfer of IPs/ASPs to their places of choice for re allotment of Regions have been registered and will be considered at appropriate time.

(P.V. Balachander)
Asst. Director (SR&WLF)
For Chief Postmaster General
T.N. Circle, Chennai 600 002

No.SR/2-2/19/16    dated at Chennai 600 002               the            20th Sep’16
Copy to:

1.    Shri G. Babu, Circle Secretary, AIAIPASP & ASP. Tiruvallur Sub  Division, Tiruvallur
602 001.
2.   Spare.

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