Sunday, October 4, 2015

Philatelic Exhibition of Hasthampatti SO

Inaugural function of Philatelic exhibition at Hasthampatty SO, Gandhi museum, Salem East Division.

What is the specialty in Hasthampatty SO ?

HASTHAMPATTI SO is the only Post Office where the Father of Our Nation MAHATMA GANDHIJI stayed on 14.02.1934.

                We, the staff of Hasthampatti Sub Post Office feel proud in working at this SO because of the fact - this Sub Office is the only Post Office where the Father of Our Nation MAHATMA GANDHIJI stayed on 14.02.1934 during his visit to Salem.   At that time this building was owned by the Landlord  Shri. V.NATESANPANDARAM where BAPUJI stayed as guest.

DoP acquired this building for Hasthampatti SO and opened a museum at this SO on 30.01.1997 in memory of Mahatma Gandhiji’s stayal at this building.   In serene atmosphere, the room in which Gandhiji stayed is converted as Mahatma Gandhi Philately Museum which creates positive vibrations and echoing the ideals of Gandhiji.   The Easy Chair, Khadi Spinning Wheel (Chakra) and materials used by Mahatma are adorned as treasure in this  shrine which gives the feel of living Mahatma.   

The cancellation dated 30.01.1997 depicts Spinning Wheel (Chakra) and text ‘Bapu’ in Tamil and Hindi.   Philatelic stamps, first day covers, stationery issued by India as well as other countries are in display.

Rare collections of Photos and thought provoking slogans displayed are highly impressive and pave the way to lead an excellent life with Ahimsa by utmost discipline.

While entering  the museum we feel as if we are living with Gandhiji and speaking with him which churns inner feelings.   Where is Rama there is Ayothi.  Likewise Gandhiji’s stayal made this Hasthampatti Post Office as Porbandhar. Though very small, the status of  the contents are very high and holy.  School children visit this Museum with eager where they understand the life of Gandhiji  is a Message to Mankind.

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